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The primary purpose of municipalities is to carry out the will of the people they serve.
Council is responsible to make decisions about municipal services,
establish policies and provide direction for the operation of the municipality.

Council for the term 2020 to 2024 is:
Mayor Brent Wiens
Deputy Mayor Nicole Martin
Alderman Ernie Ducherer
Alderman Cindy Olchowecki
Alderman Jim Lamb

Visit this link for more information regaring Saskatchewan Government Council Procedures.

Council is elected every four years. The next election will be held in 2024.
If you would like more information visit this link, Running for Municipal Council.



The Cheif Administrative Officer is appointed by the Council each year.
He/she must possess a valid certificate of qualifications. 
The CAO's role is to be the secretary treasurer, financial and legislative advisor to council, 
and a liaison between council, the community and the municipal employees.

Janet Hollingshead, CAO has been appointed by the Village of Neilburg Council.

The Chief Administrative Officer's duties are to:
  • be secretary to the council and in this role prepare and keep records and bylaws
  • attend and record proceedings at council meetings
  • communicate resolutions and instructions of the council to all parties concerned
    • including the preparation and transmission of correspondence, forms and other materials as required
  • maintain a bylaw register
  • sign documents, agreements and orders executed on behalf of the municipality as directed by council
  • safely keep all documents of the municipality
  • keep custody of the municipal seal
  • keep or supervise all funds and securities
  • prepare and maintain the assessment roll
  • prepare the tax roll
  • collect revenues and control expenditures 
  • maintain municipal accounts for revenues and expenditures, assets, liabilities etc
  • prepare financial statement and financial information
  • maintain a neat and professional appearance 
  • conduct him or herself in a manner which will enhance the integrity, dignity and honor of the municipality  
  • continue professional development and growth