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Bylaw Date Passed Dealing With
3/2017 10-Oct-17 To provide for the regulation and control of Neilburg Cemetary
2/2017 10-Oct-17 To Provide for the use of speed bumps
1/2017 10-Jul-17 To Provide for Penalties and Discounts
7/2016 12-Dec-16 To Provide for Establishment of Code of Ethics for Members of Council
6/2016 11-Oct-16 Repealing Bylaw 
5/2016 12-Sep-16 To Regulate Records Retention and Authorize Destruction of Documents
4/2016 11-Jul-16 To Provide for Rescue Services
3/2016 11-Jul-16 To Provide for Fire Protection Services
2/2016 13-Jun-16 To Provide for Use of Base Tax
1/2016 08-Feb-16 To Regulate Proceedings of Municipal Council and Council’s Committees
6/2015 09-Nov-15 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting Mutual Aid with R.M. of Cut Knife No. 439 and Town of Cut Knife
5/2015 09-Nov-15 To Regulate Use of Sanitary Sewers and Provisions of Services Related Thereto
3/2015 11-May-15 To Fix Rates to be Charged for Use and Consumption of Water and to Fix Rates
to be Charged by Way of Rent or Service Charge for the Use of Sewer
2/2015 11-May-15 To Provide for Mill Rate Factors
4/2012 03-Dec-12 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting the Development, Management and Operation of Medical Clinics
3/2012 03-Dec-12 Repealing Bylaw
2/2012 13-Aug-12 To Appoint a Bylaw Enforcement Officer
7/2011 03-Oct-11 To Provide for Raising the Sum of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for the Purpose of Financing the Construction
of Evaporative Ponds; to be secured by the Issue of Debentures
4/2011 06-Jun-11 To Regulate Maintenance and Management of Waterworks and Sanitary Sewage Systems
3/2011 06-Jun-11 To Establish Penalties for Contravention of Bylaws
2/2011 06-Jun-11 To Provide for Installation of Water Meters
6/2009 01-Jun-09 To Establish Property Tax Incentives & Penalties
3/2009 06-Apr-09 To Provide for Regulation & Control of Neilburg Cemetery
1/2008 07-Jan-08 To Authorize a Special Assessment with Respect to the Undertaking of Water and Sewer Extension as a Local Improvement
4/2007 05-Nov-07 A Bylaw Respecting Buildings
2/2007 13-Aug-07 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
3/2007 03-Jul-07 To Undertake Sewer and Water Mains as a Local Improvement
8/2006 11-Sep-06 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
7/2006 05-Jun-06 To Authorize Certain Expenditures
6/2006 05-Jun-06 To Establish a Fee to Appeal Assessments
5/2006 05-Jun-06 To Dispense with Mailing of Assessment Notices
4/2006 05-Jun-06 To Provide for Fees for Tax Certificates & Other Tax and Assessment Information
214 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Administration of Village and Set Forth Duties and Powers of Designated Officers
213 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Establishment of   Procedures Within Village   
212 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Public Notice Within the Village  
211 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Abatement of Nuisances within Village  
210 16-Nov-05 To Provide for Assessing and Levying Cost of Fire Services
207 06-Jun-05 To Alter Street Names in the Village of Neilburg
202 07-Dec-04 To Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting the Provision for 911 Dispatch Services
201 05-Jul-04 To Provide for the Permanent Closure of a Street
199 03-May-04 To Provide for Kestrictions for Keeping Animals Within Village Boundaries
196 01-Mar-04 To Regulate Fuel Burning Equipment and Backyard Firepits
195 09-Oct-03 Repeal Bylaw No. 52
193 07-Apr-03 To Provide for Regulation and Control of Neilburg Cemetery
184 10-Jul-00 To Authorize Cash Deposits Equal to or Less than $10,000.00
183 08-Dec-99 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
178 06-Apr-98 Repealing Bylaw
175 06-Nov-97 To Amend Bylaw No. 130 known as the Zoning Bylaw
162 13-Sep-93 Noise Bylaw
144 05-Jun-89 Mutual Aid Area EMO
142 06-Mar-89 Establish an EMO
132 02-May-88 Rural Development Corporation
131 18-Apr-88 Flankage Exemption
130 23-Aug-88 The Zoning Bylaw
124 01-Jun-87 Extend Permitted Use of Plastic Plumbing
116 08-Sep-86 Dog Control Bylaw
103 07-Nov-85 Authorize Closing of Certain Streets
98 06-Dec-84 Close a Public Highway
97 07-Jun-84 Provide for Entering into an Agreement for the Operation and Maintenance of Recreational Facilities in Neilburg
95 02-Feb-84 Increase the Number of Councillors
68 06-Oct-77 Prohibit Unnecessary Noises by Motor Vehicles
60 06-Oct-77 Extend Neilburg Airport
58 09-Jan-74 Dispense with Voters List
57 06-Feb-74 Snowmobile Operation on Highway
54 02-Jun-72 Regional Library Bylaw
53 02-Jun-72 To Regulate the Speed of Motor Vehicles